Musée guerre et paix

En ardennes

Our history

Three times over, the Ardennes region was transformed into a battlefield between the French and German armies, joined by soldiers of other nationalities, which is a sign of globalisation of conflict.

Three times over, the population was subjected to invasion, occupation, liberation and then reconstruction following the destruction of war.

Three times over, the landscape became shrouded with cemeteries and memorials, the presence of which today serves as a reminder of these events.

The Museum

The Guerre et Paix en Ardennes Museum’s mission is to present the history of the Ardennes region during the three wars of 1870, 1914-1918 and 1939-1945. It is unique in this aim because it covers all three major conflicts, whereas most museums covering the history of contemporary wars generally focus on one conflict only.


The inauguration of the newly renovated Museum of War and Peace in the Ardennes

The Musée Guerre et Paix en Ardennes (Museum of War and Peace in the Ardennes) was inaugurated on Monday, January...
Musée Guerre et Paix en Ardennes

Impasse du Musée,
08270 Novion-Porcien
49.6002756 4.415811899999994

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