Key figures

Architecture, services, collections, information, museum trail...The Guerre et Paix en Ardennes Museum in a few figures and dates.

Reopening date: 23rd January 2018


The building

5,000 m2 of usable space
3,600 m2 of permanent exhibitions
300 m2 for temporary exhibitions

A wide range of services for visitors:

  • A shop and bookshop
  • A cafeteria
  • A 50-seater conference and projection room 
  • A specialist documentation centre containing 5,000 works and 10,000 magazines
  • An educational workshop for school groups

The collection

A collection of over 16,000 objects, divided into 6 major sections:

  • Over 50 heavy vehicles from the two world wars
  • 175 complete uniforms, 50 busts and over 250 hats
  • Nearly 500 weapons: bladed weapons, firearms, crew-served weapons
  • Objects from soldiers’ daily lives
  • Objects from civilians’ daily lives
  • A large iconographic and document collection

The chosen message

An identity: WAR and PEACE in the ARDENNES

  • The story of the Ardennes and its role in History
  • The story of 3 wars presented continuously, from 1852 to 1945
  • A multi-faceted presentation of history, including the following dimensions: military, political and diplomatic, economic and technological, social and cultural
  • A socially responsible approach: using the past to give meaning to the present

The future visitor circuit

  • 5 spaces, 20 visit sequences
  • A continuous chronological circuit around a large gallery display case, known as the “Time Gallery”, over 150 m long
  • A number of themes are developed relating to the pre-war state of mind, the experience of fighting, the daily lives of soldiers and civilians, remembrance from one war to another
  • A circuit specially designed for children, built into the adult circuit
  • An immersion in the history of war, through backdrops, atmospheric displays, images, light and sound
  • 35 audiovisual displays along the circuit, including 3 film shows
  • Over 20 reconstructions of situations, many using the heavy equipment from the collection

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