Departmental collection

Initially, the departmental collection was formed following the acquisition of three private collections: the Alexandre, Avril and Forget collections.

The collection consisted of a considerable number of French, German and American heavy equipment and machinery from the Second World War and a number of firearms used in the three conflicts. The collection was, however, patchy in terms of exhibits representing the conflict of 1870 and the First World War.  

An active acquisition policy over the last ten years, combined with numerous gifts and donations, has made it possible to fill in the gaps and envisage portraying a complete chronology of events.

The museum’s partners

The museum benefits from storing collections belonging to other French and overseas museums and institutions:

  • The Museum of Artillery in Draguignan
  • The Royal Army Museum in Bruxelles
  • The military museum in Rastaat
  • The municipal museum in Ludwigshafen
  • The Bavarian Military Museum in Ingolstadt
  • The Society for History and Archeology in Sedanais
  • The Departmental Archives of Ardennes

The collection also benefits from numerous donations.

May we take this opportunity to thank all our partners and donors.

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