Museum services

The Guerre et Paix en Ardennes Museum has a number of services and facilities available for the comfort of its visitors.

The site fulfils both a commemorative and an educational function and within this context welcomes school groups, children and their families, students and researchers. Our services aim to support the needs of all our visitors:

Reception and tickets sales

The reception and ticket sales area serves to welcome visitors and provide them with information, and to sell entrance tickets and includes the museum shop. Cloakrooms are available and wheelchairs and cane-seats for people with reduced mobility help to ensure that the museum is fully accessible.

Bookshop - Gift Shop 

The bookshop – gift shop can be accessed without purchasing a ticket. It sells museum-branded products, plus a huge range of specialised books for adults and children as well as models and figurines.


The cafeteria offers a range of snacks and fast-foods, making it possible to take a break during a visit to the museum.

Conference room

The conference room has a capacity of 50 and is regularly used in for events throughout the year : performances, projections, conferences, seminars…

Reception room

The reception room was designed for groups.

Educational workshop

The educational workshop allows school groups to extend their visit to the museum and partake in a recreational or educational activity.


Consisting of 5000 works and 10,000 magazines - in addition to significant document resources - the library is open to researchers by appointment only.

Guerre et Paix en Ardennes : les services du musée

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